Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Cycle at work

The AP brings us this 'informative' piece (here)

So 'Al-Qaeda' backs the insurgents. This is supposed to mean what? That if we fight in Iraq we are 'fighting them over there'?

How 'bout a different spin. How about 'of course they do'. After all the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We forced these two groups together. Hell we created the insurgents. The whole point of Al-Qaeda is that they don't like us.

Is anyone surprised that they might issue some statements in support of people fighting us? big deal -- they are a bunch of losers in caves, let em 'issue statements'.

Of course the 'mainstream' political discussion, which means what's on TV, will try to use this as 'proof' that we have a war on, and have to continue the War on Terror. And all the big 'tough guys' on Faux News, and in the Republican Party in general and the Right Wingnuts, will treat this like it's some big deal, a reason for all of us to quake with fear, and spend more money and blood.

I think it proves the war on terror is a self re-inforcing cycle and that the media's job is to tell the rulers of the world (that would be us) what we want to hear.


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