Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nuclear Tipping Point

Well, here we go.

The Iran situation is heating up -- quickly and very dangerously. The IAEA has found Iran to be violating it's treaty obligations, Iran 'couldn't care a damn', and the Administration is ratcheting up it's rhetoric and calling on the UN -- whose actions are notoriously weak, even in the dim past when the UN hadn't been hobbled by the withdrawl of the political support of the United States. Now, Robert Fox of the Guardian quotes Michael Gordon of the NY Times as saying "The chances of diplomacy succeeding are nil". here

Well great, not only does the US refuse to negotiate directly with the agent of this supposedly 'very serious situation', and in fact refuse to 'recognize' Iran (though Republican's are happy to sell them weapons under St. Reagan as long as it can be used to support other pet projects -- you gotta love their priorities, values, integrity, commitment to the word of God, and 'principles') but somehow the zeitgeist of American politics is deciding, and encouraging others to believe apparently, that diplomacy is already, and without possiblity of alteration doomed. So, like, if diplomacy has zero chance of success, doesn't that mean we are going to war? 'Cause Iran isn't going to back down because of some scary articles by Sey Hirsch.

If there is anyone out there listening, please, we have to understand, if we go to war with Iran, 'the Long War on Terror' really will, at best, be a very, very long war. This will make the cold war look like a walk in the park on spring day. If we attack Iran, you can be 100% certain that there are Muslims, and Arabs, who will make it there life's work to see the US destroyed -- thousands, millions of them, where once there were a few hundred. Pakistan has Nuclear technology. Musharaff will not hold power if the US attacks Iran, and then A.Q. Khan, the founder of the Pakistani weapons program, not to mention his ISI supporters, will be free to export technology where ever, and to whomever they want.

This is absurd, and it is happening very fast. Wake up folks. Do you really want your children to be fighting a war against 1/4 of the world, do you really want to see the world in flames for generations? Is that what you want? There may still be time to make a choice. But you will have to make it. Are you for 'The Long War', or would you rather live, and bequeath a life to your children and theirs and theirs?


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