Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Strategy is Now Clear, and the response is Simple

The right wing strategy for getting us into a war in Iran is now clear enough for us to begin an effective counter to it. Their strategy rests on the following proposition: The current situation in Lebanon represents a broad offensive by Tehran against the US and it’s allies, therefore we must strike back” ( lobe) ( koppel – how they got Ted Koppel to buy into this malarkey is anyone’s guess. Ted my man, step away from the Kool-Aid)

The defense against this madness is straightforward. It is clearly twisted an perverse to call Hezbollah’s taking of two Israeli soldiers an ‘offensive’, while simultaneously encouraging an invasion by “land, sea, and air”, the destruction of civilian infrastructure such as airports, fuel supplies, electricity systems, the displacement of upto half a million individuals, and of course the killings of hundreds of civilians. The latest atrocity of air launched missiles striking fleeing civilians in a bus only underscores the extravagantly exaggerated, self-righteous, Israeli response.

While creditable observers have claimed that Israel has been planning this response for years, and that a May meeting in Washington DC gave them the go ahead (sorry both links forgotten, but it’s out there), the key, basic, obvious fact that we need to keep clear on is that kidnapping two soldiers is not ‘an offensive’. Invading by land, sea and air is. It really is that simple. We must not allow the spin meisters of the entrenched interests of this country to confuse us on this point.

And, we need to be very clear on something: We must not start another war in the Middle East.

So, how do we do that? I don’t know. But I suggest two things: One – non-stop raising of this issue on every blog, web site, print and video medium that is willing to participate until the crisis passes, and Two – a sit down strike.

Everyone in this country who wants their lives back, and wants a world to pass on to their children, needs to focus now on what is happening. The moment has come. If the powers that be (and the recent Senate vote (see link above) in support of what is happening ought to make you realize just how widespread the problem is) are allowed to succeed in this con-game, this manipulation where in Iran is blamed for Israeli aggression, and the US goes to war again, the chaos and insanity of the last 5 years will look like a walk in the park.

Do not let the madness continue.


Blogger said...

The long-term response is not so simple. Any discussion of our country's political problems without reference to the obsolete aspects of its democracy is incomplete.

I believe that improving our democracy through a variety of electoral reforms is crucial for increasing citizen involvement and turning back the slide into fascism. We should not merely be voting for opposition candidates; we should be trying to get them to champion electoral reforms. Pro-democracy electoral reform is an idealogically neutral campaign platform plank that will be an easy sell to regular people from all parties.

Please read Steven Hill's "10 Steps to Repair American Democracy" and blog about it. It's relatively short and only $11. Hopefully reformers out there will buy this book for their candidates of choice and work hard to convince them to pledge support to this much-needed 10-step program.

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