Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's up to us

I have realized for some time now that I have not been really deeply clear about what I see happening in the world. This blog has mostly been a collection of things I've thought at certain times, some of them not even 'real' time, and I do realize that it hasn't particularly articulated a clear and cogent view.

I have all too often fallen into the 'Us vs. Them' mentality of the Left, with which I identify, and as a result have all too easily seen through that filter. Among other horrors which have been visited upon us by the political process that has been unfolding over the last 25 years, the forcing people into one of two boxes, ultimately and quite plainly amounting to no more than 'With me, or agin' me', is easily one of the most pernicious. I have to admit that my own psychology has not only bought into that kind of world view, but indeed promoted it, and been fueled by it. It is, nonetheless, a false ideology.

What is unfolding in the world today is not surprising. It is not unforseen. What it is, is a vast sociological, and psychological pattern, deeply rooted in the human heart, slowly but surely making itself known. If we were honest with ourself we would recognize that 'democracy', and 'openness', and indeed 'truth' are things which have only rarely held sway in human affairs. And while it is more than sad to watch them go, it is not at all surprising.

Unfortunately, our American culture all to easily, and subtly, encourages us to obsess about the individual, to look for the beliefs, choices, and desires of the individual at the core of every event. What is happening around us is much bigger than the manipulations of even the most manipulative of people. While manipulative people surely exist, they rise to the fore, or at least achieve effectiveness most when they are in fact riding the tide of human affairs.

George Bush is not our problem. Indeed, his very incompetence, and naivete may be our best asset. Karl Rove is not our problem.

Our problem is that we believe. As a group we don't really know which way up is. We listen to lies and con-artists, and don't quite know what to make of it. We listen to personal attack, inuendo, appeals to bigotry, to hatred, to jealousy, to fear, to doubt, and do not recognize that they play on our own weaknesses.

If we would see in a new way, and find a new possibility we must recognize something. The patterns that unfold cannot be blamed on an individual or group of individuals. Their ability to control events stems solely and completely from our willingness to go along. But for the gullibility, the indulgence of the group, the individual is powerless.

We have long standing systemic paterns coming home to roost. The patterns that are unfolding are not a surprise, nor are they someone elses fault.

There are always reasons. Everyone has a reason. What is not as well known is that there are also always choices, and the intent behind those choices. We can, have, and do, choose everyday what kind of world we want. We may give those choices away to logic, to party, to reason, to emotion, to men, to women, to any set of interlocking compelling self-justifiying cause other than our own choice. But in fact the choice is ours.

We must choose. This is the nature of reality. The question of course, as always, is what do we choose.

Is this the world you want? Do you think that peace comes from violence? Do you believe that truth arises out of falsehood, denial, manipulation, belief or 'loyalty'.

Is this the world you want? Do you want more of it? That is what is coming. More of the same. The choice, the freedom to act is yours now. While we do always have choice, the greater machine of which we are all cogs does move forward, it's tipping points rare, and it's motion implacable. While *we* can always choose, changing it's course is a horse of a different color. There are moments when small causes have big consequences, but once the pattern is in place, once things achieve a steady state, the dynamical system locks into a pattern and then? Well, then there is no change, or worse, the illusion of change which is just more of the same.

Do not blame those who 'lead'. Stupid followers have only one destiny. To be led by stupid people. The converse is less clear I admit, but nonetheless worth trying.

I know that I have failed in communicating a vision that could surmount what is happening. I recognize that those who would make a different world, and I would count myself among their number, have not done so, and in fact have in many cases been guilty of creating the events that allow for the reactions that overwhelm us today. I see in myself the tendency toward righteousness that does not convince but only causes reactive, negative, aggressive response.

Nontheless the choice still lies with each and everyone of us. To think otherwise is just another excuse for those who have set up on a course of destruction.

This is the moment. Very possibly the last tipping point, before the pattern freezes in.

Is this the pattern you want? Is this pattern leading to what you want to achieve, more importantly to what you want others, your children, to inherit? Is it?

Soon there will be no more choice. Soon the interlocking logic, the reactive recriminations, the 'he said/she said', the 'you don't understand what they did' well freeze into place, and there will be no more choice, no more freedom, no more truth, no more options. There will only be violence, and power, and death.

Do not fool yourself America. Do not let the word 'power' get you all excited -- ohh, yeah, baby, more power, that's what I'm talking about. You long since gave away the power when you decided to become reliant on oil, and wealth, and not on self, and life. You have no real power in this situation, only the last vestiges of the illusion of power. The real power lies with the source of the energy you need. When you choose to wake up to that is anyone guess. You gave away your power when you decided to believe in what was said, and not what was true. You gave away your power when you decided that science was a political phenomena and not the very source of everything that made you strong. You gave up your power when you chose easy living over tough fact, when you chose comfort over work, when you chose gadgets over yourself. You gave away your power when you chose to believe the sweet lies that told you that you were the center of the world, and everything spun at your finger tips. You gave away your own deepest truth when you decided that the self-determination of others was best dealt with at the point of weapon (built by science), and that freedom was something that was reserved for you, and no other.

Is this still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Do you believe "Give me Liberty or give me Death"? Or do you believe that it's probably best to obey those who control your world in the hopes that they will give you what you want? In the hopes that from their power, of which you do not partake, some small benefit might yet arise that will keep the goodies coming, and the scary stuff far, far away?

I don't know, is that cogent? I doubt it, but it'll have to do. The moment has come.

This is the time, to stand up, and be counted. This is the time to know what is true and what is false. This is the time to see clearly with eyes unclouded. This is the time to make a choice.

Your choice will ring out down the ages. Make it a good one.


Blogger Erik said...

I agree with much of what you've written. I too get caught up in the minutia, the day-to-day skirmishes, the finger-pointing and ranting and bashing. It's a human reaction, I suppose, but doesn't address the big picture, which you've so clearly painted.

The words from Lennon's "Imagine" keep flooding back into my conscious from those years--not too long ago--when they seemed to express a real possibility. Now, I hate to say, that possibility is dimming, dimming.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Jiffy-Junkboy said...

I don't have as much of a problem with the average-American, but there definitely is an "Us vs. Them" situation when the wealthy start cutting their taxes, smashes unions, invade other countries, and export our jobs. That's agression, no matter how you spin it, there is no other way to look at it.

8:43 AM  

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